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Southern Stop Smoking Service: Jeanette Tumohe

I started smoking when I was about 13-years-old. By the time I was 15 I was having a couple of smokes a day as well as four or five in […]
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Mahana Southern Maori Mental Health & Addiction: Sam Payne

Pictured: Sam Payne with her son Nixon. As a teen, a traumatic event and a breakup sent Sam Payne’s life spiralling out of control. For over a decade, she was […]
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Southern Stop Smoking Service: Stacey & Shane

The Southern Stop Smoking Service was there for us at the right time. It was like having a friend who had stopped smoking and was helping us through. Members of […]
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Cancer Pathway: Raewyn Burton

Barbara Metzger was my translator. My mind was exhausted and my body was shattered, but Barbara LISTENED then translated into a language that I understood, but also added her valuable […]
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Southern Stop Smoking Service: I Stopped Smoking Before It Was Too Late

After a 40-year smoking habit, I decided to stop before I’m unable to hold on to them anymore. Recently, I was diagnosed with MND (motor Neurone Disease), which means that […]
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Southern Stop Smoking Service: I'm Calmer Without Smokes

I started smoking when I was around 12-years-old because everyone around me was smoking and back then, we didn’t realise quite how dangerous it is. I continued smoking until about […]
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