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Tui Ora Programmes: Ashley Fulton

Te Rourou Pai Oranga (Nutrition Programme) and Taputapu Mātua (Parenting Programme) have enabled me to find my confidence this year, strengthened my parenting skills, and taught me how to better […]
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The Support Has Meant The World

Photo Caption: Pamela (pictured with flowers) with the Tūmanako Oranga Wellness Centre team. The Whanau Ora Navigator has supported me in developing a healthier relationship with my daughter and set […]
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Mahana Southern Māori Mental Health & Addiction: I Couldn't Get Away From It

I spent my life surrounded by alcohol, so when I started drinking heavily and smoking marijuana as a young teen, I thought it was normal. I didn’t think it was […]
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Whanau Ora: My Life Is Back On Track

Nga Kete Matauranga Pounamu Charitable Trust has supported me to change my drinking habit and get my life back on track. Drinking had become a huge part of my life […]
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Tui Ora Programmes: Cindy and Jordon

Invercargill woman Cindy has recently completed Taputapu Mātua (Parenting Programme) and, together with friend Jordon, Te Rourou Pai Oranga (Nutrition Programme).They discuss their experiences: Cindy: I lost my four children […]
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Whanau Ora: Patrick Hutana

Homeless, living in my car, begging and borrowing became my way of life until Nga Kete and the Australian Chinchilla Community Centre stepped in and turned it all around. Four […]
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