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Cancer Pathway: Lucy Harding

What is the Maori Cancer Kaiarahi Service? This service supports Maori and their whanau with high suspicion of, or diagnosis of cancer, to get the right information, make informed decisions […]
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Cancer Pathway: Terina Gilbert

Ko Terina toku ingoa  Ko Ngai Tahu toku Iwi Ko Kati mamoe raua koe waitaha toku hapu  Ko Takitimu te Waka Ko waihopai te awa Ko Ōtākou toku Marae  I […]
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Te Kore: The Te Kore Group Saved My Life

Te Kore is a closed group for women who have experienced harm from addictions and/or mild mental health. “Te Kore is an invitation to meet your potential – Tau Arotahi […]
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BFC+: I Have Been So Well Looked After!

I’m an emotional over spender who was going through a lot of personal issues and feeling a ton of anger. It didn’t seem to matter how much deeper in debt […]
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Whanau Ora, Gambling Harm, BFC+: Mark Jessett

I spent years gambling excessively and smoking methamphetamine to block out past trauma I hadn’t dealt with properly. But it was ruining my life and I couldn't see a way […]
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Southern Stop Smoking Service: Jeanette Tumohe

I started smoking when I was about 13-years-old. By the time I was 15 I was having a couple of smokes a day as well as four or five in […]
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