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I Stopped Smoking Before It Was Too Late

After a 40-year smoking habit, I decided to stop before I’m unable to hold on to them anymore. Recently, I was diagnosed with MND (motor Neurone Disease), which means that […]
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I'm Calmer Without Smokes

I started smoking when I was around 12-years-old because everyone around me was smoking and back then, we didn’t realise quite how dangerous it is. I continued smoking until about […]
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How I Stopped Smoking After 50 Years

High blood pressure and an unhealthy habit of chain smoking led me to make one of the biggest changes of my life. After 50 years of heavily smoking, I decided […]
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Smoking Is Antisocial

​I started smoking when I was about 15 because it looked cool and I felt so grown up. Unfortunately, the moment I had my first cigarette, I became addicted. As […]
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I Stopped Smoking & Started Jogging

I started smoking when I was 18 because everyone did it. I really took to it like a fish to water and have been smoking about 20 a day ever […]
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It's A Whole New Me

Having suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for years, I always used to think smoking helped to relieve some of the constant tension and anxiety I was living with. I was […]
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