Mahana - Southern Maori Mental Health & Addiction Service

Mahana provides support to individuals and whānau experiencing mild to moderate issues with mental health and addiction.

Mahana offers Mental Health services to help you or someone you know, we can offer: Assessments, Intervention, Access to cultural wellbeing activities and Mobile service options.

Mahana also offers Alcohol and Drug Addiction services and Gambling Harm Counselling, we can offer: One-on-one counselling support, peer support groups, Cultural wellbeing activities - site/community based, Creative arts, Wananga-based interventions, Pou Whirinaki cultural advisor support, and Mobile service options.

In addition to counselling, Mahana facilitates a range of cultural wellbeing initiatives, delivered as experiential learning activities that focus on building cultural resilience, connections and inclusion.

We also offer Gambling Harm Multi Venue Exclusion: We offer MVE support which allows you to formally request to exclude yourself from Invercargill and Bluff gambling (pokies) venues from three months to two years.

Please note: If you are engaged with a secondary service, you are not eligible for entry into Mahana. Mahana is NOT a crisis intervention service.

Services are extended: Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm. Late night options by appointment.

Tikanga setting: Mahana is guided by a Kahui Kaumatua, ensuring culturally safe delivery of services to tangata whaiora and whanau.

Art Therapy Programme (Invercargill only)
A group programme which aims to reduce the harm of alcohol and drug use and problem gambling by exploring and understanding why participants use these substances.

Through art participants can explore:

  • The role alcohol and/or drugs plays in their lives.
  • The impact it has on themselves, whānau and community.
  • Their attitudes, behaviours, beliefs and values.
  • The actions and consequences of substance abuse.
  • An understanding of self.
  • A life without alcohol and/or drugs.

Includes interactive drawing, free expression, role play, writing, painting, sculpting, pencil, charcoal, and crayon.

Working together in a team with like minded individuals can do wonders for mental health and give new perspective, here are some of our team building photos.

Mahana - Southern Maori Mental Health & Addiction Service

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Our Team

Wendy Ellis
Invercargill Service Manager - Mahana
Blondie Ngamoki
Manager/Practitioner - Mahana
Tira Ririnui
Addictions Counsellor
David Ihimaera
Addictions Counsellor
Korrey Cook
Addictions Counsellor
Arianna Andrews
Addictions Counsellor
Rhoda Hei Hei
Addictions Counsellor
Sam Glen
Counsellor (in training)
Diane Mowat
​Sandra Stiles
Ricky Ngamoki
Alana Clarke
Elizabeth Murphy
Addictions Counsellor
Richard McDonald
Addictions Counsellor
Tuihana Ngamoki
ELA Kaiawhina