Kōrari Māori Public Health

Kōrari promotes health and wellbeing for all whānau by encouraging positive change, enhancing mana / rangatiratanga and connecting with whānau.

Kōrari is the Nga Kete Matauranga Pounamu Māori Public Health Team. The name “Korari” is the name of the stems of the reeds that a Mokihi is built from. Mokihi being the vessel/waka to transport our people, our kai, and our knowledge. The practicality of this resource is that it is strong, waterproof and transportable, however we can also use the analogy of empowerment and being supportive. As well it represents the building system that looks after your tinana by adding layers of wellbeing to your knowledge kete for whānau to be guided by.

Kōrari Māori Public Health is guided by tīkanga māori values and Te Pae Mahutaonga (a Māori Health Model). The overarching aim is to further strengthen whanau, hapu & Iwi health with the vision that “Māori in Murihiku are well”.


·He Poha Oranga: Focusing on whanau wellbeing - Activities and nutrition. 

·Kia Piki Te Ora: All Age Suicide Prevention - Working within the community to reduce harm and support strategies that enable whanau.

·Oraka-Aparima - Working with Oraka Aparima Runaka around aspirations that improve whanau wellbeing.

Kōrari Māori Public Health provide events, campaigns and programmes within our community. 

Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm – Public Health

  • Promote healthy public policy in relation to gambling harm.
  • Encourage supportive environments to minimise gambling harm.
  • Enhance the capacity of communities to define and address gambling harm.
  • Maintain and develop accessible, responsive and effective interventions.
  • Assist the development of people’s life skills and resilience in relation to preventing or minimising gambling harm.

M.A.N.A. Radio Show - Nadine and Karina

M.A.N.A. - Make A Noise Aotearoa is a health and wellbeing programme and podcast for whānau wellness. M.A.N.A is about connecting whānau with information and organisations that support health and wellbeing. Brought to you by Kōrari Māori Public Health Team from Ngā Kete Matauranga Pounamu Trust! Find us on Radio Southland 96.4

Broadcast: Sunday 4.30pm and replays Monday 9pm
New episodes: Weekly
Runtime: 30 minutes