Building Financial Capability Plus

Building Financial Capability Plus is an intensive, wrap around service that supports whānau to manage finances, debt and other needs impacting on wellbeing and independence.

Our Goal is to build financial resilience and enhance whānau wellbeing.
Our Aim is to provide the right support, at the right time, in the right way, with whānau.

We offer:

  • Safe and non-judgmental space and support you on your pathway to obtaining financial goals.
  • Tools to empower whānau to take control of their money management.
  • Support and knowledge around financial literacy.
  • Budgeting support and advice.
  • Tips to help reduce daily living costs.
  • Advocacy and connection with other services.
  • Support around debt resolution.


  • Reduced financial stress.
  • Improved relationships and support networks.
  • The ability to bounce back more quickly from financial difficulties.
  • Improved wellness and independence.
  • Whānau are managing finances confidently.

Referrals accepted from all agencies as well as self-referrals. Referral forms are available by contacting 0800 925 242.

Our Team

Paul Searancke
Community Services Manager
Rachel Robinson
Building Financial Capabilities Plus Kahukura