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Crisis Respite Service: Exactly What I Needed

Throughout my life I have lived on the streets, been married and divorced, worked a variety of jobs and spent time in a mental ward after being diagnosed with depression […]
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Teoti Jardine

Riverton man Teoti Jardine, 80, is a potter, poet, psychiatric nurse, and gay rights activist who believes wellbeing is about taking care of ourselves and being who we are. Here […]
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Kanui Poharama

A softly spoken spiritual being deeply committed to his wellbeing, and a pathway of recovery that echoes a mantra of Be Well, Stay Well, Go Well. Kanui recalls in the […]
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Mahana Southern Māori Mental Health and Addiction Service: I Am Important

I had a rough upbringing surrounded by drugs and alcohol and from the age of five I was raising my siblings and cousins on my own. My parents were alcoholics […]
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Tōku Oranga: My Confidence Is Back

Kaylene Anne Johns I suffer from a range of health problems and require knee and hip surgery. Walking around for me is tricky and I rely on a walker or […]
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Transition Service

Transition KaimahiThe Transition Kaimahi supports eligible Rangatahi aged 15-21 on their journey transitioning from care into adulthood, independent living and long-term wellbeing. The kaimahi supports with: Appointments and meetings Guidance […]
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