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Southern Stop Smoking Service: Trevor Leigh

I’ve been smoking heavily for 45 years desperately wanting to give up but not knowing how. But recently with the support of the Southern Stop Smoking Service, a change in […]
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Whanau Ora: I'm Living A Full Life Now

I’ve been having a tough time in the past few years after the breakdown of my marriage, and being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, but the Whanau Ora Service has enabled […]
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Manawa Ora, Mahana: I'm Excited For My Alcohol-Free Future

Heavy drinking for 40 years, leading up to more than an 18-pack of beer a day allowed me to blank out the pain I was feeling from childhood trauma, but […]
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Te Waka Tuhono: Te Waka Tuhono Enabled Me To Reconnect

A rough childhood set me on a dangerous path of drinking, drugs and parties throughout my teenagers years, but the Te Waka Tuhono Kaupapa enabled me to find myself again.  […]
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Cancer Pathway: Terina Gilbert

Ko Terina toku ingoa  Ko Ngai Tahu toku Iwi Ko Kati mamoe raua koe waitaha toku hapu  Ko Takitimu te Waka Ko waihopai te awa Ko Ōtākou toku Marae  I […]
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Southern Stop Smoking Service: Craig Leitch

- GoreI was smoking for more than 30 years and although I tried to stop a few times, it never lasted. I started at 18-years-old and back then, it was […]
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