Privacy Policy

Client records are stored in a locked, secure environment. Your information is
never disclosed unless, with your permission. For example, if we make a referral to another provider.

If you would like to see your file you can make a request in writing to the CEO
stating your reasons. Identification must be supplied.

We are required by the Ministry of Health to provide statistical information only,
including ethnicity, gender and health conditions as part of our reporting

No personal information is disclosed to anyone without your explicit consent.

In the event we are audited, random file checks may occur to check the
competency of our work.

Photographs and your story
Our Communications, Marketing and Media Manager often works with whanau who have a desire to share their stories. You will check and proof read, make changes if required and be prepared to give written consent before we publish to our website, Facebook page and any other media publications.

By registering with NKMP as a client you are agreeing to the following conditions:
Personal information cannot be disclosed to any outside person or organization, other than non-identifying statistical data, or unless you give written consent.

You give authorization that non-identifying information such as ethnicity and/or gender can be disclosed for the purposes of statistics or research, as required by the Ministry of Health.

You consent to NKMP to act on your behalf in establishing appointments and any other relevant arrangements with other service providers that best meet your
individual needs as discussed and mandated by yourself or your appointed

You understand, as a client of NKMP, it is your right at any given time to exit from the service. You also understand that it is your right to re-engage with the service at any time.

Special note
NKMP must report discloses that represent significant risk or harm to the safety/wellbeing of children and youth to Oranga Tamariki and/or police.

NKMP have a zero-tolerance policy to aggression and violence and will notify
police if staff or a child's safety is compromised.

NKMP is audited by external auditing agencies who check the standard and
compliance of our work practice. This may involve documentation reviews of our