Oranga Tamariki

Nga Kete works collaboratively with Oranga Tamariki to bring you an Intensive Intervention Service, which supports family group conference plans and progression.

Davina Jones and Rata Hopa provide intense social support to whānau to assist in developing and maintaining safe care of tamariki.

We are whānau-centric, whānau-led and mana enhancing, Community strengths based - Linking and connecting, advocate for sustainable change, demystify and inform whānau of new opportunities to educate, skill develop, and create pathways for choice or change.

The kaimahi meets the whānau following a family group conference, goes over the plan, and creates an aspirational wall chart to help guide whānau and provide clarity of interventions the kaimahi will progress alongside whānau.

Transition Kaimahi
The Transition Kaimahi supports eligible rangatahi aged 15-25 on their journey transitioning from care into adulthood, independent living and long-term wellbeing. The service is youth centered and responds to the needs of rangatahi as they establish themselves and further develop their skills to help them to achieve their independence.

Our Kaimahi can assist with:

  • Ongoing educational pursuits and goals
  • Seeking and attaining employment
  • Physical and mental health
  • Attaining a drivers license
  • Help gaining a GP and healthcare provider
  • Support as required including drug, alcohol and mental health intervention
  • Relationships and whanau connection
  • Developing cultural identity
  • Increased knowledge and skills in independent living and long term wellbeing
  • Finding suitable accommodation
  • Other – as identified and/or raised by the rangatahi

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Diane Jerry discusses her role as Transition Kaimahi

Oranga Tamariki

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Davina Jones
Kaiarahi Whanau Tautoko Practitioner
Rata Hopa
Ka Awatea Integrated Practitioner
Diane Jerry
Transition Kaimahi