Whānau Ora Services

Whānau Ora is a whānau-centered service that supports families to achieve their aspirations.

We know whānau are the experts in their own lives but, on occasion, tensions, problems and day-to-day issues arise, which require support.

The Whānau Ora navigators can assist you to identify issues, create plans for change and consider your long-term aspirations as an individual or as a whānau.

The navigators will:

  • Assess current situation and needs
  • Explore your goals and transformational dreams
  • Identify skills, knowledge and experiences to contribute to your own plan of action
  • Create a plan of action
  • Support, encourage, motivate, problem solve, link and connect to other services as part of the plan.

Navigators work to the 7 Pou of wellness:

  • Whānau are self-managing and empowered leaders.
  • Whānau are leading healthy lifestyles.
  • Whānau are confidently participating in Te Ao Māori.
  • Whānau are participating fully in society.
  • Whānau are economically secure and successfully involved in wealth creation.
  • Whānau are cohesive, resilient and nurturing.
  • Whānau are responsible stewards of their living and natural environment.

Who can refer?

You can self-refer or an agency such as the Police or Oranga Tamariki can refer you.

Be the change you want for yourself and whānau. We may be able to assist. Phone us now!

Pataka Oranga
Pataka Oranga is the NKMP foodbank run by the Whānau Ora team. Kai parcels are provided to whānau in need. By receiving the first kai parcel, whānau are given the opportunity to meet with a Whānau Ora navigator for an assessment of need. Requesting a second parcel, whānau will be referred to BFC+.

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Our Team

Kerstin Kummerer
Tūmanako Oranga Wellness Centre Site Manager
Sagar Khemani
Whanau Ora Navigator - Te Anau
Shaun Taane
Te Whare Hāpai Tangata Kaiarahi Kaimahi / Whanau Ora Navigator
Martina Smith
COVID Community Connector / Whanau Ora Navigator
Nancy Larrauri
Whanau Ora Navigator
Shahin Pera
Whanau Ora Navigator