Whanau Ora: I'm Living A Full Life Now

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Your Stories
February 14, 2023

I’ve been having a tough time in the past few years after the breakdown of my marriage, and being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, but the Whanau Ora Service has enabled me to think positively and regain my confidence. 

I was running a business for most of my life. Running a business meant a lot of stress and then my marriage broke down and we had some family trauma.

A few years ago I went to see a doctor because my hand wouldn’t stop shaking. I was eventually diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

The diagnosis combined with family stresses sent me into a downward spiral and I felt I had no purpose in life anymore.

I was referred to the Whanau Ora Service here in Te Anau from brief intervention a few months ago and it has helped me turn things around.

It’s great to have the Whanau Ora service here in a small town. If you’re not feeling good the last thing you want to do is get in the car and drive for a couple of hours just to talk to someone. We’re so lucky to have this service.

I started my engagements with my Navigator and we did some goal planning. We started talking and walking, getting out in the fresh air, and it has helped me to realise there are so many things I can’t change and to not self-blame. I finally realise that now.

The navigator has helped me to get through it. He has supported my mental wellbeing and changed my negative way of thinking. I know he’s always just a phone call away. I’ve never missed an appointment no matter how down I am, because I know I will always come out better. The Navigator showed me that there is no point in living in the past and has helped me to make plans for the future.

The navigator helped me to create a CV and through that I got a job. This added structure to my day.

I’ve put a plan in place to do different things every day of the week – I do yoga, Zumba, golf, a walking group and more. I feel like I’m living a full life now, staying busy and making the most of each day. There are down days but I feel like I have the strength and resources to get me out of a rut if I find myself in one now.

I’m feeling good now. I feel much more confident. I have a reason to get out of bed. I am managing my Parkinson’s and I am fully independent.

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