I Have Been So Well Looked After!

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June 29, 2022

I’m an emotional over spender who was going through a lot of personal issues and feeling a ton of anger. It didn’t seem to matter how much deeper in debt I got, I would just continue spending. Then I walked through the doors of Nga Kete and everything changed.

My name is Nic, I live in Invercargill with my two little dogs and I work in electrical wholesale.

I’m originally from the far North, but moved south and later took on an electrical apprenticeship. People told me I couldn’t finish it, so I made sure I did! I worked in the industry for a while before switching to wholesale, where I’ve been for about 10 years now. I absolutely love it!

I started seeing an EAP counsellor through my employer as I was going through some personal issues and needed support. The counsellor was great but I only had a small number of sessions, so I was referred on to the Mahana – Southern Maori Mental Health & Addiction – Service at Nga Kete.

I walked through the doors of Nga Kete at the start of the year and my entire world started changing. Everything has been better since then! The counsellor enabled me to let out all of my anger and frustration I was feeling from unresolved childhood issues and bad relationships.

My mind-set has completely changed! I’m less angry, my demeanor has changed, I’m keeping my house clean for the first time and I’ve uncluttered everything. I’ve even started an indoor plant collection! I’m doing home renovations too.

I don’t know how to describe it. The counsellor has just made me feel better. We sat and talked and she is just magical. I didn’t feel like I was sharing a lot but I must have because it’s gone now. We talked about my finances a lot too because I am an emotional over spender. The counsellor referred me on to Peter Baker (Rongoa) and to Rachel (Building Financial Capabilities Plus).

Both of these services have helped me immensely. Peter was able to relieve some of my anger and tension through reiki, and Rachel has supported me with all of my financial woes.

I definitely don’t over spend as much now because I have someone holding me to account, and it’s helpful to have someone to talk to about financial issues – it’s not something you want to talk with your friends about!

My over spending had landed me in a bit of trouble and I had old debts and was under a creditor’s proposal. It didn’t seem to stop my spending though! It was out of control. If I wanted it, I would get it.

But now, with Rachel’s guidance, I have caught up with all of my overdue bills and I can buy useful things like paint!

The help and support I’ve received has been amazing. I have been so well looked after!

My future looks great! Before, I couldn’t even see a future. I was surviving not thriving. But now I’ve become human and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me!

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